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A wish list item - oohejroo - 10-30-2009

I some times take portraits where I place the subjects hands on their face obliterating part or all of their mouth. PP gets confused by this. I would like to see a way to tell the program to ignore the mouth. Or, is there a work-around that I could use.


RE: A wish list item - admin - 10-30-2009

The best way to deal with obscured features on the face is:

If a feature point is obscured, place it where it would be if it wasn't obscured. So if a hand is over the corner of the mouth, put the mouth corner point where you think the corner of the mouth would be if the hand was taken away.

If eyes or mouths are obscured, you will need to turn down the mouth or eye master slider to 0.

You may also need to use the restore brush if the skin smoothing has done something you don't like.