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Stronger touch up brush - Troilus72 - 06-26-2014

Hi guys I "fix" up a lot of glamour shots, and I need a stronger touch up brush or at least a clone tool, at the moment the tool isn't strong enough to cover stretch marks or scars or birth marks.

RE: Stronger touch up brush - williamting - 06-27-2014

May sound crazy, I use Photoshop to do a "rough repair" job first, perhaps, less than a minute, before calling PP. It works very well for me in this manner.

RE: Stronger touch up brush - MacSass - 07-06-2014

Hi Troilus,

I do agree that the touch up brush sometimes is not strong enough for retouching e.g. stretch marks.

Still in most cases I would consider it way strong enough - I usually have it set to around 10 - 15% only.

I agree with Williamting that for severe retouching Photoshop is way more powerful with the content aware repair brushes and donĀ“t think this can be achieved in PP by making the retouch brush stronger.

Regards - MacSass