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Some feature requests - J-Mi - 06-16-2014

In order to work with a multitude of photos which are not all just straight-forward portraits and make them qualify for ads use, I need to use a fairly wide variety of software's (could be done all in photoshop, but its more tedious and time-consuming honestly).

So, here's an all-round feature request list:

- Improved control of lighting for the whole photo, not just face. You guys are on the right track with relighting, but more work needs to be done for us to control this better IMHO.

- Working with faces that are not looking straight into the camera, or have eyes closed, etc. Not all photos are that "look at the camera" style.

- Feature modification & improved corrections for the whole body, not only face. Yeah I know photoshopping of ad images gets a bad rap these days, but hey thats what the buyers want. We do have to remove scars, tattoos, lighten skin colour, and even modify body features - take off sagging skin, fix the waist to look smaller, bust a bit more ample, tuck in the model's tummy thats bloated due to time of the month etc.

- Detail enhancement, meaning sharpening carefully things like eyelashes, a pattern on her shirt collar etc.

Thanks for a great piece of software, which can only get better.

RE: Some feature requests - RebeccaFaith - 06-23-2014

Thanks for the list of features! Big Grin