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Some requests - maple-leaf - 06-01-2014

Hi! I work with Portrait pro since a long time (version 9), and I am delighted by this software. Since version 12, it’s even more dazzling. I love the new possibilities for sculpting a face with light settings. This adds volume on the face and it's great. If you work manual faces processing, and set parameters with accuracy, the results are much more natural than before!

However, here are a few enhancement requests:
- The new « Smoky Eyes » parameter in the fantastic new parameter "lighting skin" must be set separately, eye by eye. Not both at the same time for more accuracy. According to the shadows, the difference between each eye in final effect becomes too visible in some cases. Otherwise, it's great!
- The same applies to the parameters for correcting the strabismus in the «Face Sculpture Commands », adjustment for each eye would be perfect. Or a tool able to move the pupil of each eye separately. In general, I did this work in photoshop after, when it’s needed.

I apologize for the names I use for the parameters inside this text, that’s could not be the « real »names in the English version, it’s because I work with the french version!

RE: Some requests - MacSass - 07-06-2014

Hi Maple-Leaf,

I do agree with both those requests - I have experienced the same with "smokey eyes".

Hope that this get´s picked up by the developers.

Regards - MacSass