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Problem with multiple faces - Skids - 05-17-2009

Hi used the software for a while but new to the forum

I have the latest version of Portrait Professional and have had issues with working on two faces in the same picture

I do the first face fine then when I select another face it goes through all the point selections fine but then when on the slider selections the 'after' picture is squashed vertical and is all purple.

I thought it was just a glitch so I went through the process again (closing and re opening PP) this time I selected the other face first but then on the second face exactly the same.

The image is a jpg image and I have tried it on another image and get the same issue.

Any ideas as this is stopping me for sorting out some pictures for a customer?

Many Thanks


RE: Problem with multiple faces - breno - 05-18-2009

Hi Darren,

This is a bug in version 8, and a fix is to be released shortly. To avoid this bug, go to File, then Color Settings and change the Picture Bit Depth to 8 Bits Except When Saving. If you close PP and the re-open it, you should have no problems.


RE: Problem with multiple faces - Skids - 05-20-2009

Thanks Breno.

Tried it last night and worked a treat.