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PP 11.3.4 win crashing in plug-in mode - MacSass - 06-12-2013


since 11.3 I have an issue that PP crashes when being called up from Lightroom in plug-in mode for certain pictures.
My pictures are 16bit TIFF zip compressed, Adobe ProPhotoRGB.
Lightroom creates the file, calls up PP and PP starts the automatic outline detection.
After the detection it pops up the window for selecting the gender, and before I can do anything else (not clicking anything) it crashes.

When I then restart PP manually and load the same TIFF that lightroom had created, everything works fine.

There must be something wrong with automatic detection in plugin mode.

Interestingly this does not happen with every picture that I start from lightroom - havenĀ“t found a system in it so far.

Any questions or any information needed to troubleshoot this, please let me know.

Regards - MacSass

RE: PP 11.3.4 win crashing in plug-in mode - Arjun - 06-13-2013

HI MacSass,

I've sent you a PM with a few queries and how to proceed.