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News on new versions? - MacSass - 06-02-2013

Hi all,

we have had several new versions since the last official release notes for 11.2.4.

Unfortunately the latest versions do not have their release notes posted, maybe we can collect what has been found to be new?

All I know:

- Bug of "left/right" being inconsistent for some situations has been fixed
- After selecting gender, PP now directly moves to the enhance section

Not sure what else might be new ...

Regards - MacSass

RE: News on new versions? - Skids - 06-11-2013

Just about every time we have to ask over and over again.

What are the changes?

Why can't you provide release notes at the same time as a version change??

As I have said many times before, there are obviously changes so why can't PP tell its loyal customers what has been done even if its just to explain bug fixes.

I don't come on these forums very often these days because every time I do I get annoyed with the lack of information