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Sudden change in "SAVE" mode - Jeanette - 05-11-2013

When I opened my Portrait Professional 10 yesterday it no longer offered me the option to save it as a tiff or jpg with the _pp part of the file name. Now the only option is to save and it overwrites the orginal file.

Is this a change you made? If so I don't like it as I now have to copy and save the original file elsewhere to prevent overwrite and its unclear what kind of file I'm getting until after the process is done.

Please advise!

RE: Sudden change in "SAVE" mode - williamting - 05-12-2013

Are you running portrait professional from photoshop or standalone?

RE: Sudden change in "SAVE" mode - Jeanette - 05-12-2013

Hi, I am running it as a stand alone product.

RE: Sudden change in "SAVE" mode - Arjun - 05-13-2013

Hi Jeanette,

This isn't a change we've made to Portrait Professional 10, it appears as if something has caused an issue with your installaion. Can you please open a support ticket here: http://www.portraitprofessional.com/support/index.php?page=login&return=ticket_submit

One of our support staff will then identify the problem you're experiencing and provide a solution.


RE: Sudden change in "SAVE" mode - Jeanette - 05-13-2013

Thanks Arjun. will do.