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Skin too "perfect" - Rookie - 05-08-2013

I have the latest version of PP and it seems the newer version makes the skin almost too perfect. It looks nice, but not very natural. When I use the older version, I have more control over the skin and editing imperfections. Is there an adjustment I need to make with the newer version?

RE: Skin too "perfect" - Arjun - 05-10-2013

Hi Rookie,

If the default enhancement is too strong, you can set a more natural set of saved sliders to be loaded on by default. To do this go into Portrait Professional and do the following:

1. Load an image and enhance.
2. Now reduce the Skin smoothing until you get the type of enhancement that you want.
3. Now select the Save Preset button.
4. Give the preset a name and set to be the default for Female or Male or both.

Now when you load an image, it will automatically apply the more subtle enhancement you set.

Let us know if that's what you were looking for, or if we can offer any other assistance.