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crop feature - crrathbone - 02-13-2013

Is there a way to selectively crop a portion of a photograph only? I am only on a trial version, but this is a feature I want. Even a selective blurring would be helpful


RE: crop feature - williamting - 02-14-2013

You can selectively crop a portion of a photograph. Go to Picture Controls and you will find Crop function there.

I don't think it is possible to do selective blurring.

RE: crop feature - Arjun - 02-15-2013

Hi crrathbone,

As William mentioned, Portrait Professional has a built in Crop Tool, but currently has no selective blurring functionality. Our other photo Editing software Smart Photo Editor does allow you to select an area of the image and blur it, as well as erase portions of the image and add various effects. It also has a built in crop function.

You can take a look at the free trial here: http://www.smartphotoeditor.com/download