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Make-up - glennbalsam - 11-17-2012

Maybe this has been mentioned or simply not what other users want but I use my PP mainly for models. If the eye line and lips etc have been plotted can we have some make up enhancements! Especially eyelashes, eye shadow colour, lips and cheeks.
Also someone mentioned body sculpting. Bloody good idea!
Glenn UK

RE: Make-up - MacSass - 11-26-2012

there is part of a lot of this in V11, although not the parts that you are looking for:

- V11 brings cheeckbone coloring, which is a kind of makeup. Nothing for the eyes though ...
- There is neck enhancement, which is a first step in direction of body sculpting
- And there is the mouth feature for "smile" which is at least face sculpting

Nice enhancements, but make up could be a next step.

In that regard: The cheeck coloring could use a color picker, right now it is very hard to pick a color hue that matches the skin color ...

Regards - MacSass

RE: Make-up - gerund - 01-30-2013

I fully agree. A make up module consisting of eyelashes, eyeliner, eye shadow, different shaped eyebrows, make-up foundation, cheek flusher, etc all with color pickers and intensity sliders would be great. Arcsoft Portrait plus software has this and I really like it.