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Some of my work. - Hendrik - 10-06-2012

Hello to you all,
Not new to the photo line off work, only to the digital evolution, as it looks to me is aproaching mach4 in speed.... ;-)
Thought some off you might see some off my work, and maybe in the future some more.
Have no before / after pictures on the moment, so posting this here.

RE: Some of my work. - keithblan - 10-23-2012

Hi Hendrik

Nice portraits but on close examination they seem to be showing unnatural skin textures, particularly the first and third.

I'd be tempted to reprocess and adjust the texture sliders to give a more natural appearance.

Hope this helps



RE: Some of my work. - Hendrik - 10-26-2012

Hi Keith,
Thanks for your repley.
Yes you are right, played onley a few times with the prg.
and a bit to over-enthousiasm and the harm is don..
I corrected the setting to minimalistics, as I like to call it.
Yust in the middle of a project, witch has to be don before november...
Then I will try to show a few before and afters, but it will have to wait for now.
Thanks again for the replay, and thanks for the tip.


RE: Some of my work. - williamting - 10-26-2012

The touch-up brush you use seems to be too strong. There seems to be heavy localized touch-up especially around the neck.

I am sure you will improved with lots of great picture. Keep trying/using PP!

RE: Some of my work. - tyrellwatson - 11-20-2013

Thanks for sharing information.

RE: Some of my work. - lesiamert - 12-26-2013

Thank you very much this is really helpful information for PP