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IPTC preservation - randomAccess - 09-17-2012

My files come out of my RAW converter tagged - after PP the tags are gone. This is putting a huge wrench in my workflow, particularly at events where each image might be tagged individually with the names of the subjects.

So - IPTC preservation, please.

RE: IPTC preservation - MacSass - 09-18-2012


agreed - I suspect that e.g. LR stores it´s settings in IPTC data as this is lost after using PP.

So you might want to add your request as an extension to my request for retaining LR data, that I posted here:

Regards - MacSass

RE: IPTC preservation - randomAccess - 09-19-2012

Having said all of that, if I could determine an exiftool command that would take IPTC information from every .tif file in a directory and put it in every matching-named .jpg file in the same (or another) directory, that would be a decent workaround (export from development tool (in my case, RawTherapee) into 16-bit .tiff, bulk PP, export to final .jpg, re-tag from .tiffs). I am sure it is possible, but for the life of me can't figure it out.

RE: IPTC preservation - randomAccess - 11-15-2012

Well, v11 is out - and IPTC is still not preserved.

RE: IPTC preservation - MacSass - 11-16-2012


that is sad news. V11 is not officially out while they make some last changes.

Hope that fix is one of the last changes - otherwise I don´t see this version as the improvement that I´m looking for.

Regards - MacSass

RE: IPTC preservation - MacSass - 11-26-2012


looks like it might not have made it into V11.

At least the information from Lightroom (like picture rating) is still lost when returning from PP back to Lightroom, even when using plugin mode.

Would be nice if that could be fixed ... because when you have filtered your pictures in lightroom and work on it in PP, when coming back the picture vanishes as it does not have your settings anymore - thus the filter does not apply.
You need to deselect all filters to see your result ...

When using Photoshop from Lightroom the settings (like color markup) are preserved.

Regards - MacSass

RE: IPTC preservation - randomAccess - 06-19-2013

Just upgraded to 11.3.4 - looks like IPTC is preserved! Thanks!

Now for lightroom flags (e.g., rating, colour, etc.).

RE: IPTC preservation - MacSass - 06-24-2013

Hi randomAccess,

interesting find, as in deed the lightroom flags are still not preserved.

Hope that will change with the next update then ...

Regards - MacSass