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Can't open PP 64 tifs in Photoshop - Newportbiz - 06-05-2012

Hi Folks,

I've searched the internet and forum and can't find the answer. I put in a support ticket yesterday morning but no response yet. I'm dead in the water for the second day as I can't open files processed by PP 64 in tiff format in Photoshop and getting an error message "could not complete your request because there is not enough memory (RAM). I have plenty of ram 16 g and a new computer and can open the original files and much larger files no problem.

This is only happening with files processed with PP 64 and output to tif. JPG works ok but is too small a file for my purposes. The original files (before processing) which are the same size 37mb 5800x8700 as the PP files open without a problem as do files 3 times the size and pixel count.

The same error occurs on both on my computers including the new one that has 16G of ram and has not been used before and has only processed 4 photos, period. The Adobe prefs file has been deleted in the older computer as well.

I can open huge tif files much larger in size and pixel count in photoshop that have not been processed by PP. Hope someone can help. Thank you.

RE: Can't open PP 64 tifs in Photoshop - Newportbiz - 06-06-2012

The problem was that PP was saving in the compressed tif mode which Photoshop could not open and was generating the error message of too little memory. Saving the PP file in uncompressed format instead produces a file that is about 3x larger but opens in photoshop no problem. Problem solved.