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ProPhoto vs. sRGB - MacSass - 09-30-2011


I´m using Lightroom and PP Studio in combination.

When sending files from Lightroom to PP I used the file combination of Tiff / 16 bit / sRGB / no ZIP compression.

Now Lightroom warns me that sRGB does not support all colors and recommends using ProPhoto instead.

Is PP Studio able to handle those files correctly?

Also - in my tests I found I can enable ZIP compression of the Tiff files - is this correct?

Thanks for a clarification - best regards -


RE: ProPhoto vs. sRGB - Arjun - 09-30-2011

Hello MacSass,

If you want to use Lightroom's recommendation, there should be no issues with using ProPhoto with Portrait Professional. You should make sure that Portrait Professional's settings are set to "Use profile from picture" to ensure compatibility. We support LZW compression of tiff files, but whilst your tests indicate that ZIP compression works, we cannot verify that issues will not occur when using ZIP compression.

We hope this helps.