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German language? - Doncamillo - 06-09-2011

Hallo to all. I'm new here and since yesterday a very happy owner of pp studio 10. But as my English is very limited, I would say a German language update would be very helpful for some german users like me Smile

Salu2 marco

RE: German language? - Roscoe - 06-09-2011

There is already a German language version.  See here in the Help file.


File > Settings > Language Tab > Select Deutsch (German) then restart Portrait Professional.  It will (should) be in German Smile

If the selection is "Automatic" it should recognise your installed Windows language version and open in your language.

Alternatively, as well as English there are French, Spanish, Italian & Portugese language versions. Sorry, no Japanese or Chinese (Traditional) yet but Anthropics must surely be working on them ! Smile

RE: German language? - Doncamillo - 06-09-2011

if i open my settings in pp it will only show this languages.
see attachment.

RE: German language? - Roscoe - 06-09-2011

Oh ........ it looks like you have German missing !! That's strange. You have Automatic selected so if your Windows installation is German language then PP should open in German.
Wait for Anthropics to reply to you.

RE: German language? - Leo - 06-09-2011


Version 10 has not yet been translated into German.

Warm regards,
Anthropics Technology

RE: German language? - Roscoe - 06-09-2011

Leo Wrote:Hi,

Version 10 has not yet been translated into German.

Warm regards,
Anthropics Technology

Sloppy management ! If it's out of Beta it should have everything included.

RE: German language? - Roscoe - 07-16-2011

You should have have the German language version by this time ................. if not , subimit a service ticket ........... get them working for you ............

RE: German language? - Gary - 08-02-2011

The German language Portrait Professional 10 was released yesterday on our web site. To try it simply go to our German pages and click on the free trial link.

If you bought Portrait Professional in a different language, but would now like to use the German version then please get in touch with us via the ticket system and we can do this for you.