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Change to target tool - Kat999 - 05-27-2011

Sometimes when lightening up shadows...especially dark skin ...those areas take on a grey or ashy look...if there was a tool that would allow you to select a nearby skin, hair ot even clothing color to use...and then touch up those bad areas to tint out for a more accurate match....hope I'm making sense here....it would save having to go back to one's regular photo editor.

RE: Change to target tool - vedwardsphotography - 05-28-2011

+1 ... Kat my solution to that is to try learn to use reflectors better. as i am a one light type of guy.

RE: Change to target tool - Kat999 - 05-28-2011

I agree with that...problem is....most of the photos I work with or restore are taken by others and some I don't even get to scan myself...so it can be limiting....Im not a prof photographer....just a photo plastic surgeon....although...I've had to clean up the messes of several "prof photographers".....lol