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White Balance Corrector - Grantster - 04-11-2011

Yes I know that PP isn't really the best Stand Alone program but is a Great Asset to any Photography program. That being said, I'd love to see a white balance option, since i bought a X-Rite ColorChecker passport I use it to confirm the color balance. Now if I could use it with this program, I would be able to see the true color before I take it to the next program, thus making PP that much closer to the stand alone program that would stop ( In most cases ) going to a second program.


RE: White Balance Corrector - Grantster - 04-11-2011

And see!!!  even the web wants this match to happen!!!

RE: White Balance Corrector - admin - 04-11-2011

Smile That's a fair point, I've put it in our suggestions database. Presumably you've had a look at all the existing Picture Controls (the last section in the sliders).


RE: White Balance Corrector - Grantster - 04-19-2011

Yes I did, but it isn't as precise as I'd like it to be, with the passport I can choose what white color I want or White, Black & Neutral Grey. A Histrogram can show me the blow out colors..  etc...  

For me, I think you program is awesome, as it is...  and I've told a couple of friends here in Winnipeg that they have to check this program out...  

For me, the Color Balance and Make-Up are the 2 things I feel are missing.