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Full Version: Trouble with face outline.
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Just got my PP. I find that a lot of the faces end up narrowed, especially around the jaw. I can compensate with adjustments but wonder if there are some guidelines about setting the overall face outline.

Specifically, do i go more for the shape I want or do I outline exactly where I see skin? Often there is hair on the sides and top.... do I include it or what?

And, how do I handle the outline around the jaw? Do I include portions of the skin on the neck? How low do I go on the jaw (both front and around the side)?

Hi Stan,

The face outline should match the outline of the face in the example picture. Because it tries to move your outline towards an 'ideal', you can change it's affect by doing the opposite of what you want. For example, if you find it narrows the jaw and you would rather it widened it, you could narrow your mark-up in the jaw.

All mark-up points should be put in the same place whether there is hair there or not. So on the forehead you put the top point where the hairline is on the scalp, or where it would be in the case of bald people. If they have a fringe the point would go in the same place as the hairline if the hair was combed back.

The jaw points should be put around the outline of the jaw, and not on the neck.

Portrait Professional is designed to be robust to inconstancies in the mark-up, and in the (hopefully) rare case it does something wrong, just move the point in the opposite direction to the mistake. After a little practice you will get a handle on what works.

Let me know if you have any more questions about the mark-up, and I could even post some pictures to help explain particular circumstances.