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Full Version: UPGRADE from 64bit  ver 9 to ver 10
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After ALL the $$$$ I reciently paid for Ver 9 paying another $119 to upgrade to/ for Ver 10 is pretty--explicative deleted--pricy so where's the list--scamsheet enumerating the upgrades from Ver 9 that makes this something  I MUST have ???? I  Like the software, I've made some use of it but not enough to recoup it's inital cost and NOW more $big buck$ for the next version with no trial and only 2 days-- a weekend at that-- to get the "discounted " deal
This link is the differences between V9 and V10 of Portrait Professional. You can also download a demo of it from PortraitProfessionalStudio.com, which will install in a separate directory from your existing copy, so you can compare results and decide on your own terms.