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Full Version: First feedback on version 10
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upgraded my license to V10 Studio edition and wanted to provide you with some initial feedback:

- Very nice improvements in the brushes to select skin area. I really like the "intelligence" with the real-time preview - makes it way easier to expand skin selection area.

- Good job on changed "recalculate skin area" dialogue, now you don´t have to click re-calculate anymore - which was not intuitive. (Although you only see the new result until after you click OK and then might have to go back in to change again - I´d prefer a combination of the old and the new behaviour: Recalculate on OK or on click of a "recalculate" button)

- Touch-up and Restore brushes now individually keep their settings. Perfect - that was the biggest annoyance in V9 for me

- When using a 1024x760 resolution the touch-up and restore button parameters are overlapped by the "hit enter for original" button. Not an issue for many, I guess

- Nice enhancements on the face sculpting section with more detailed nose adjustments

- I don´t understand why we do have the special "hair tidying mode" that I have two switch to. Why not show the two respective sliders just under the "hair controls section". Hair tidying could use some more features like removing "stray hairs"

- Is there a german version available yet? My V9 was available in german language.

Overall nice enhancements so far, that fully justify the upgrade fee.

I´m looking forward to future enhancements -

best regards - MacSass
Thanks for the positive feedback.

In answer to your question about the hair tidying mode, the reason it's in a separate section is that it needs to pre-calculate a bunch of stuff before you can use the sliders. If they sliders caused the pre-calculating to happen as soon as you use them, then there would be an annoying long pause as soon as you used them.