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Full Version: move more than 1 outline point before it gets applied
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Can there be a mode where you can make a movement on more than 1 point before the live adjustment happens.  It's very slow/tedious to work through an image like this.  I would prefer to adjust all the "off" points and then hit a "Go" button...  I have Studio edition but that is not the answer - want to keep the workflow in photoshop.

Let me suggest that after the initial outline appears that you click on the “Back” button in the upper right of the UI. . That will let you work on the entire outline before any adjustment is made to the image. I do this as a matter of course now, as it speeds up the process and results in a better outline.
That does help a lot! Thanks!
An advantage of this mode is that it offers automatic zooming to each area in the dotted squares.