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Full Version: Save masks back to Photoshop
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The background masking in v17 works great.  I would like to be able to save the created mask back to photoshop or at least copy it to save as a channel and use it when returned from the plugin.

Agreed this would be a good idea. Also reiterate that pp should be available as a smart filter.
Yes, fully agree. If it can't do that, at least allow saving in PNG format so that I can integrate it into my workflow. Otherwise, it is just standalone and not much use in my case as I use PP almost exclusively as a plugin.
This would be SOOO helpful. It would give us the ability to save the mask so that we could later change the background as desired - without having to process the image over again.
Technically, PP is already a smart filter, but unfortunately it doesn’t work. If you go back later to make a correction or adjustment the program starts up all over again and you lose all your adjustments.