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Full Version: unable to complete retouching- large head turns
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I have a shot of 86 year old man with his hand in back of his neck,glasses up on edge of his hair, He is looking to the left so one of his eyes is small and not all there. I put the x in the first eye hit space bar. Put x in far side of eye that is not all in pic. hit space bare I get a message eyes are 2 close together. I went back move the x outside of the eye same msg. How can I complete the retouching? It will not allow me to go any further. bob P>S> I like the shot and would like to complete the retouching.
Hi there,

Currently our software doesn't support very large turns of the head. We are working on increasing the range of head turns and our next release will support larger head turns. However, there is a way round it. If you place the second eye point off the side of the model's face, as near as possible to the actual eye, but far enough away that you don't get the error message, you will be able to complete the markup. It may require a few goes to get right, and it sounds like you were on the right track here, but didn't go far enough. Basically, you are cheating by telling the software that the face isn't quite as turned as it really is. There are two problems with this, but both can be easily worked around. Firstly, the face sculpting controls do not work beyond a certain amount of turning, so you may need to turn them all off (which can be done by pressing the clear button). Secondly, by telling the software that the face extends beyond it's real position, the face selection area may have 'escaped' from the face. Click on the 'Cut Back', brush to reveal the skin area, and use the brush to remove any blue that has gone beyond the edge of the face.

I hope that helps. Let me know how it goes.


P.S. With old people the 'imperfections', 'Thin wrinkles' and 'Fine shadows' sliders are particularly effective.
Thanks for quick reply: It works great. bob