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Full Version: who is minding the store
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forums are being spammed pretty bad, in Russian
We are on it.

Sorry bout that
Sorry to post this here but how do you start a thread?
I cannot find the button/icon for a new post.

BTW, my question is :
Can I reduce the PP full screen, I cannot seem to find how to do it,
My apologies for asking here.
Another question, I just did a test and it worked great.
I used it thru Lightroom.
One issue, I hit save and it did not go back into the LR catalog as edited, it did go into the master HD under the same catalog as edit_pp.tif, hopefully I explained myself correctly.
I also notice that an exact copy of the original did go into the LR catalog.

Again sorry to post in this thread but I need to find the new post button.