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Full Version: Removing old projects from the "Recent" lists
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I am using PP 12 and PP Body 1.3

In PP12, when I open the "File" tab, I see a listing of recent files. I have tried right-clicking on them to see if I can remove them from the "Recent" or "Quick Access" list, but that seems not to work. Because of the way I work, this feature is not really useful to me, so I would prefer to turn this feature off entirely. If there is a way to do that, please tell me.

If there is no way to disable the "Recent" feature entirely, is there a way to remove projects or files that I've long since finished with?

Similarly, although I will post this in the Portrait Pro Body forum, if anyone knows how do do the same in PP Body 1.3, I would appreciate your telling me. I find it even more annoying there because of the separate panel that shows thumbnails of the recent projects. I keep that panel collapsed, but would still like to now how to disable it or remove thumbnails from it.

Many Thanks
I have the same complaint. Because of the sensitivity people have about their bodies, I do not want thumbnails of recent projects inadvertently displayed to others when opening the software.