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Full Version: Preferred to "Cut Back" when in "Skin Area Brushes" on areas of facial hair?
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When in "View/Edit Skin Area", is it preferred to use the "Cut Back" brush on areas of facial hair, such as mustaches and beards.

I'm wondering if facial area was indicated as "Skin" it might be softened. If it was indicated as "Not Skin" it would remain sharp. 

I would also think this would apply to non-facial features such as baseball caps that cover the forehead, scarves, necklaces, other objects that obscure the face, etc.

Having facial hair remain sharp would seem to increase the perception of sharpness of the entire image, which seems preferred.

Or not?
From "Support Ticket":

> "Yes, generally I [PP Support] would cut back any areas that aren't purely skin (including heavy makeup or tattoos) to prevent them being softened by the skin smoothing."