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Full Version: Studio Trial: Lightroom plug-in: I can't tell what actually happens. Stack w/TIFF?
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Rusty v9.8 Studio owner. Semi-newbie with v15 Trial of Studio-64.
This is a similar question to one asked about the Photoshop plug-in.

I've been able to install and set-up the plug-in for PP to work with LightRoom. However, when I "come back" from PP to LightRoom, I can't tell what happened. That's probably due to understandable restrictions of the Trial.

Suppose I start with a .dng that has been tweaked and cropped by Adobe Lightroom. Then I "hand over" the file to PP for it to "do its magic". 

When I am finished in PP and return to Lightroom, is the result a .tif or .psd in a "Stack" with the original .dng?

Or are "smart objects" involved? I don't really understand that concept and have rarely used.

Perhaps a "virtual copy"?