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Full Version: Documentation available with examples how to best specify facial feature locations?
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Rusty ver 9.8 owner. Newbie with ver 15 trial.

With many portraits, it is pretty obvious where the "landmarks" are for eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks, chin, forehead, hair line, etc. are.

However, I'm encountering plenty of portraits where it isn't at all obvious
  • profiles and 3/4 profiles where one eye isn't all that visible
  • beards and other facial hair
  • over-weight people with fleshy features, jowly,  
  • less than common orientations like looking up, looking down, etc.
  • one or both eyes obscured by hair, hat, hand, prop such a sports equipment, another person
  • other features like nose, mouth, etc. obscured by something, such as person holding their hand over their mouth, or over one eye
  • glasses, including sunglasses
Perhaps I'm not the only one who would benefit from seeing LOTS of examples of the preferred placement of "landmarks" by PP employees and/or long-time PP users with huge amounts of experience and expertise?