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Full Version: "Hint" about face orientation so Auto tries harder? How many eye's visible? 3/4th?
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Sorry if this has been asked before, or if the capability exists and I didn't find it.

[Edit] During manual "Face Detection" I did encounter the ability to specify "Profile View" if one eye wasn't visible. That helps, but seems to prevent the magic of "Auto Facial Feature Detection".

Is there a way to "help" the PP facial detection by providing "hint[s]" about the orientation of the face?
  • Let PP know that two eyes are visible, and the face is in a "full frontal" orientation (such as looking at or towards the camera)?
  • Or that it is a profile with just one eye visible? If so, which side of the face ... left or right?
  • Or a 3/4 th profile with one eye not all that visible? Maybe "hint" that the left or right eye is clearly visible?
  • Other "hints" so PP can better do its "magic" to identify facial landmarks? Ear[s]?