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Full Version: Eyeshadow Controls
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I use the eyeshadow options in makeup a lot, but notice that there's often an imbalance between the effects on the two different eyes.  Can you add independent controls for the left and right eyes, like you do for other eye-related features?
Semi-newbie with v15 Studio Max

I haven't used any of the "Makeup" controls, but when I open that "silo", it does seem incomplete/odd that very few of them have provision for "Left" and "Right". I only see the "Eyebrow Pencil" have "Left" and "Right".

It may be that P.P. is expecting you to get the shape, sculpting, and location of the Eyes determined before using Eye Makeup.
Perhaps in future releases! As of now, I use the blushes and highlighter only for a few fun photos. And a little bit of eye brow painting. I think they are quite good. Customers love it!