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Full Version: I dont have a working download link.
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Hello everyone.

I upgraded from V12 to V15. But the download link I have in my mail is broken and just give me a error

<Message>Access Denied</Message>

I submited a ticket 24 hours ago and nobody answer. (On the ticket I leaved the original numbers)

If anyone from the tech support is arround I'll be glad that take a look to my request.
Give them a little bit of time. They will be able to help.
I have the same problem. I also submitted a ticket yesterday.
same problem, submitted yesterday morning, no answer...
Is this your idea of service? I submitted my ticket almost a week ago and also wrote an email. No feedback at all...
I will demand my money back from paypal.
So I found something ou. I think everybody who tries to download a Non-English Version of v15 gets the "Acess Denied" message. Try to change your download link to http://cloudfront.portraitprofessional.c...tup_en.exe.

So for now you can work with the english version until it is fixed.
yes it's that,

we must wait a fee weeks for the others languages...
I bought the Pro 15 and it won't give me anywhere to put in the key. Every time I try to download full version all it does is give me the trial mode
I can't exactly remember this as I never have an issue. But I thought the system will only prompt you for key when you try installing the software or when you decided to register after you pay for it. Otherwise, it will remain as trial.
Thank you for your reply. When I try to download all it gives me is a trial version or it takes me to the pay page again. Do you or maybe someone else have a link I could possible use that can take me to the full version?? Thanks again in advance. I had sent a ticket to customer support but that haven't replied.
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