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Full Version: Problems with Skin Coloring Controls
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I am getting undesirable results from the Skin Coloring Controls feature in PortraitPro Studio 15.

No matter which settings I try, the resulting skin colors look unnatural and unappealing.  Please see the examples in the illustration that I have pasted below.  In all of these examples, for demonstration clarity I set the intensity of the Sking Coloring feature at 50%, whereas in normal use I would keep it below around 20%

To my eye, in these examples and on every image that I have applied PP15 to so far, 'Color Correct' and all other Skin Color settings introduce undesirable color tinges, including a little or a lot of olive green.  This is forcing me to keep the Skin Color feature turned off.

My source files are in ARGB colour space.  I have PortraitPro set to use ARGB as its working color space.

In previous versions of Portrait Pro, I routinely used the Skin Coloring Controls feature to successfully even out skin colour variations.  I hope that you can help me to find a way to get similar results from PP15, or else I will need to revert to version 12.


David A. Gilmour
Lumacraft Photography

[Image: PP_Color_Correct_Examples.jpg]
I am looking forward to seeing Anthropics' response to the inquiry that I posted here nine days ago, as well as knowing if other users have observed anything similar when using V15's Skin Coloring feature.
I'm having similar problems. I used to use skin coloring to even out skin tones. Now, increasing the Color Correct Amount Slider creates a dark olive colored blob on the face. Increasing the exposure helps, but nothing looks better than turning it off.