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Full Version: Can't finde new preset on my mac
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Hi there!

Just added a new preset. As I tried to share it I did not find it in the application folder (Contents/MACOS/savedsliders). There a all default presets but not my new one.

Any suggestions?

Yours Michael
Hi Michael,

You can find your saved presets using this path: /Users/<USER_NAME>/Library/App Support/Anthropiocs/PortraitPro/UsedSavedSliders

Hi, I can't find where I can start a new thread from the main screen. I'm usually fairly computer savvy, but I don't see it anywhere and I am indeed logged in. I have a Mac and for some reason, I can't find the NOSE or NECK features. I've seen them before but they've now disappeared from my UI. Has anyone had this happen to them?