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Full Version: Upgraded 11 -> 12 Lost my presets
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Hi. Hopefully the title says it all. I have upgraded to v12 from v11 on a Mac and I've lost all of the presets that I had created. How can I get them back please?
I just encountered the same issue. Here's what I did. I navigated to the "C:\Users\??????\AppData\Roaming\Anthropics\PortraitPro\UserSavedSliders and created a folder to save the original 'order.txt. file. I then copied the *.ppr files from the "C:\Users\??????\AppData\Roaming\Anthropics\PortraitProfessional\UserSavedSliders" folder. I then copied the entries from the v11 "Order.txt" file to the v12 "Order.txt" file.

Now when I launch Portrait Pro the old presets are there and appear to be working properly.

If there's a better way to do this, I'm open to hearing it.