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Full Version: PP still not there in regards to Skin detection
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Although PP has definitely improved with the various versions I am still left a bit disappointed with the skin detection in particular for full body skin and B&W pictures.

I have been working on some new images tonight which have clearly defined skin areas (In my eyes anyway) as they are shot against either white or gray backgrounds yet whenever I change the skin area to full body it makes no difference I still have to manually paint in the skin areas on the body.

Somebody suggested that the view is set to 'fit' rather than face before changing the skin selection area to full body but when I tried this it made no difference.

I really hope this will be sorted at some point as, although its not a 'show stopper' it is a bit of a pain to have to paint in the skin areas.

I have attached a poll to get other peoples opinions
So 21 views and nobody has an opinion on this?
I have attached a screenshot to demonstrate the problem.

PP Admins please take a look. This picture had Full Body Skin Selection chosen