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Full Version: Hi there !
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Hello all !
I'm a semi-professional/professional Graphics Designer based in Sweden with a "tendency towards Photo Retouching" - tho it's not my main field of work. Happend to stumble in on PP's site from a link at Retouch PRO ( http://retouchpro.com/index.html ).
I've just downloaded the PP Trial, but haven't used it yet, so I should probably keep my trap shut until I've done so.
But - checking out the Requests- and Issues Threads my spontanous first reaction is "Why not make PP a Photoshop Plugin .. ?" - just as Media Lab have done with the XHTML/CSS-generator "Site Grinder" (http://www.medialab.com/index.html).
It would most certainly be a lot easier to reach the professionals if PP could handle native Photoshop PSD-files as well as work from within Photoshop, don't you think ? Or have an installation option of Stand Alone or Plugin
Ok - now I'll go check out PP to see what it does.
If you'd like to take a look at my "traditional" Photoshop retouch work you're welcome to check out : Jgraph Designs - Retouch.
Site is long overdue with upgrading, but anyways ...
Thanks and see you around !

-- Jiger --