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Full Version: It NEVER ASKS for my activation token
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I loved this trial...enough to buy the real deal.
I've tried deleting previous installed files and re-installing the real version..and still it says I'm running the trial. I tried deleting files and installing again. Still no luck.

The instructions say it will only ask for my activation code once..it never has asked--i want it to ask soi can activate the program!!.. i checked the license and it has not been used...but i would like to use it.

I've opened a support ticket last night saying the same thing and still waiting for a response but wasn't sure if I'd get a faster response from the forum people.

Please help.
Probably just a sediment value in the registry. I'm sure tech support will get things straightened out for you by Monday.
If you follow this link :http://www.portraitprofessional.com/licenses/

You can download the upgrade / upate from the server using your email or token. This will then take you to a download link to get the program.
I figured out what I was doing wrong...it was something VERY simple.

I installed it and then opened Photoshop and tried to run the program. I had no idea that I needed to look for the separate program in my applications folder and run it from there(on it's own rather than as a plugin through photoshop).

What would be nice in the future is to be able to activate and enter your token right from Photoshop.
I'm on a Mac so I'm not sure if this is any different on Windows. I'll leave this question up in case it might help someone else down the road.