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Full Version: Trying to upgrade to version 8 - very difficult
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I have been trying since yesterday to upgrade to version 8 (from version 6.1) after purchasing it through the upgrade link. After purchase, I was re-directed to a download page where my only option was to download version 6.1. I already have version pprnl-f-v6.1.2.

I have sent 2 trouble tickets to support explaining my circumstance, and they have graciously sent me 2 links to download version 6.1, which as I explained, I already have.

Am i missing a step or something here? When I install the download, it says in the installer that I am installing version 6.1.

I think maybe I am on Candid Camera, and that I shall win something if I keep playing along.

Hi Dan,

You bought version 6 from RegNow and that is why your upgrade was not successful. I have replied to your last ticket and sent you a new activation token. Also, the reason why you had to e-mail us twice or three times is what I call 'fragmented communication'. Please, always follow up with the same ticket number for the same problem, or you might end up not providing us with all the information needed - just fragments of it.

If you need help, please feel free to email me at breno@anthropics.com
Thank you for your help. The last email allowed me to d/l the correct version. Ver 8 is greatly improved from ver 6 (which is very good). The eye controls & hair smoothing controls are great, they really enhance the whole portrait rather than just shaping the face & fixing the skin. I gives the portrait a finished look & you dont have to go back to an image editor to edit hair. This program is great & I look forward to more upgrades.