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Full Version: Saving License key to a text file!
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I am on 27" iMac Intel i5, 16GB with Snow Leopard running. Using "Portrait Professional Studio". I am asking tech support staff a very specific question, hope you guys have an answer —

How do you save "the license key to a text file"? Please see attached screen-capture below.

Note to the users of "Portrait Professional Studio", if you don't know the specific answer or you are not familiar with Mac OS, please do not post here. Thank you.

Copy & paste the licence NA51-EEKG-EM6C-ZCWA-YUZ5-WHBY to Notepad or similar
It does not work! By the way Salisbury, there is no notepad in SL (or any other version for that matter)! Smile

How a bout tech support guys address this issue?
Try TextEdit then Smile

or Text Wrangler (free) http://www.barebones.com/products/textwr...nload.html

Like your diligence Big Grin and thanks for trying. That's what I did Wink

I am surprised at thundering silence from the tech support people!

Hello Fotobyte,

If you've been having issues with your copy of Portrait Professional, please contact our support team and open a support ticket. Our dedicated support team will then answer your questions and resolve any issues you've been having. Whilst we try to monitor the forum as much as we can, we're also working very hard on making Portrait Professional even better. To open a support ticket please go here.