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Full Version: new portrait pro version save slow
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as first I like using portraitprofessional. it really saves time, especially on client work like wedding group portraits.

after all I enjoy the new layout and menu boxes too. its like photoshop. but something is very weird and i hope with a new version it get fixed.

if I want save the retouched file then it takes extremely long, after about 2min a message with comes "not enough file memory". every time i checked in my specific place on my pc. the file is saved but to each saved file another around 450MB ztmp file is saved. which I can delete only after a new start and closing pp.

is there a trick or bugfix?

I am running a pentium 4 3ghz, 2gb ram and a samsung 400gb sata hdd as main disk.

actually I have no big wedding or bigger portrait session. but it would be nice to fix that problem as fast is possible.

the new menu boxes are clear, for those who have problems. just try for about 30min every click. so I learned photoshop too. and its my "home" now.

pp is a good product. except my bug!

kind regards from switzerland.

photographer, fine art
its working ok now. I have found out that I do not have open photoshop and other things. then it works fast. so my problem is no one anymore.

pp is a great program.

photographer, fine art


Photoshop is very memory intensive Martin, and that can cause problems at times.