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Full Version: Some Feature Requests
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These are not simple things, but I think it can't hurt to see if they could be implemented if enough people are interested.

Additional Sculpturing Features:

1 More chin adjustments to reduce or eliminate "Double Chins"

2 More nose adjustments to re-shape the nose to make it overall smaller, less sharp, or larger, wider and more pointy or beaked.

3 More mouth/lip shape changes.

Adjustment Features which go way beyond realistic Retouching:

Additional adjustments such as in FaceGen Pro for adjusting for Age (up or down), Race, and Gender. I'm sure that these variables have been studied and are quite well understood


même si Dan ST a écrit en 2007, aujourd'hui en 2012, les lèvres deviennent trop larges pour rien.
oui j'aimerais bien pouvoir y remédier moi-même au lieu du programme si possible